Affordable Hotel Photos

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The Prices

Full Hotel Shoot

30 Photos for $995.00

Additional Photos $30 each

Limited Service Hotels with no Suites usually need about 30 Photos Limited Service Hotels with Suites usually need 40 Photos

Small Hotel Shoot

Albuquerque Metro Minimum 4 Photos at $40 each

Outside Albuquerque Metro Minimum 10 Photos at $40 each


No Charge in Albuquerque Metro Area


GSA Mileage Reimbursement


Best Fare available upon receipt of Deposit

If hotel doesn’t offer Free Ground Transportation To/From Airport, Super Shuttle or similar service will be used and added to Transportation Charges


GSA Per Diem for Area

Meals provided by Hotel (usually Breakfast) will be subtracted from Per Diem


Hotel to provide a Complimentary Room for duration of shoot.


25% of Photo Charges plus All of Estimated Transportation Expenses

Delivery by CD/DVD

DVD/CD in 4 Formats,
Hi Resolution TIFF
Hi Resolution JPEG
Medium Resolution JPEG
Web Resolution JPEG

Delivery by Google Drive

Medium Resolution JPEG (Franchise Minimum Size)