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Hotel Photo Shoot Process

First Step:Suggested Shoot List

I'll send you my Suggested & Selected Shoot List for your Type of Hotel.

Please review it and use the #Ordered column to tell me which and how many photos you want

A Limited Service Hotel with no Suites usually needs 25-30 photos for a Full Photo Shoot, with Suites its usually 30-35 photos

Newer hotels have different Bathrooms in the Standard 1Kings than in Standard 2Queens needing an extra Guest Bath photo

Most hotel Franchises require at least one unique photo of each Room Type with a Reservation Code

Sign and fax or email the Suggested & Selected Shoot List to me

Second Step:Slection, Approval & Deposit

I'll prepare a Price Proposal based on the number of photos you decide on for your hotel

Out side the Albuquerque Metro Area there will be Travel Expenses (Mileage or Airfare) and Meal Per Diem. Meals like Complimentary Breakfast will be deducted from the Meal Per Diem.

If its approved, please sign and fax or email it back

Have your Accounting Department prepare the 25% Deposit Check and mail it Airfare, though estimated, is not guaranteed and will not be purchased until receiving Deposit.

I will need the most current Franchise Photography Standards/Guideline before scheduling. Usually a PDF File or a Link I can have access to

Third Step:Scheduling the Photo Shoot

For the best quality photos we need Sunny or Mostly Sunny days.

This applies for Interior as well as Exterior Photos because most of the light inside come from outside through windows.

We'll use online 10 Day Weather Forecasts to plan when to schedule the shoot.

Scheduling when the hotel isn't full is preferred so you can leave the Guest Rooms out of service until they are successfully photographed.

Scheduling on Weekends is fine

The day before I arrive please select the rooms to be photographed. Guest Rooms on higher floors with windows facing north are best.

Fourth Step:Photographing the Hotel

The photo shoot usually takes 3 to 4 days.

On the First Day, the General Manager or Sales Manager and I meet in the morning to do a walk through of the hotel and put together the Final Shoot List. We'll plan what days which areas and scenes will be photographed and inspect the rooms the hotel selected for photographs

That afternoon I usually shoot the photos of the Front of the Hotel, Meeting Rooms, Indoor Pool, Exercise Room and Breakfast Room, so please have them clean and staged.

The Second Day I begin shooting the Guest Rooms, depending on what time of day the sun's position is best for the shots.

The Third Day we usually have the Breakfast Buffet ready 1/2 hour early for photos, finish up the Guest Rooms and any other photos.

The Fourth Days is for cleanup, reshoots if needed and packing.

If the Hotel is in Albuquerque, there is a lot of flexibility on this timeline, not so much outside the Albuquerque Metro Area